ULA offers two options for Tuition:

  • Self-Pay Only Families are responsible for the total tuition cost.  A deposit at registration holds the classes, payment of full balance is due when classes are confirmed.
  • Free Tuition with OVA Funding  ULA partners with Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) to offer tuition funding options for students K-12.  (Now funding non-contiguous counties such as Lenawee!) Interested families enroll with the Oxford School District as school-of-choice students in one of two programs:
    • Part-Time Electives Only Students are 100% homeschooled, no core subjects or standardized testing required, just free tuition for up to 4 elective classes at a partnership such as ULA!  The district is not involved in any of the core curriculum.
    • Full-Time Core  Students enroll in a complete Online Core Curriculum through one of OVA’s many Curriculum Platforms (Calvert, Connections, Gradpoint, Little Lincoln, and More) and may take 2 elective classes at a partnership or online.
      • How To Enroll with Oxford- The Basics
        1) Go to the OVA website and take a look at all the documents you will need to collect  http://www.oxfordvirtualacademy.org/admissions
        2) Once you’ve collected your documents, Fill out the Online Pre-Enrollment Form (listed as Step 3 on the OVA website)
        • Within that form is an option to upload the documents you have collected (or you can bring copies to your appointment)
        3) At the end of the form you will be asked to set an appointment to drive up to Oxford for the in-person enrollment meeting.  This is required because by law they must see you in person, with your ID, and physically see the Certified Birth Certificate to be sure it is the correct child.


Tuition, Deposits, Drop/Change Fees:

  • Current ULA Students already enrolled with OVA will be able to register for 4 OVA funded classes next year due to new state funding laws (2 for FT).  All other classes will be Self Pay and subject to Self Pay policies. Any drops or changes made after the confirmation period will be subject to a $25/class fee.  Please Note: Art Techniques classes and Private Music Lessons are Self Pay only.
  • Self Pay Students will be required to pay a $25/class hour deposit when registering.  After classes are confirmed, you will be invoiced for the remaining tuition balance (tuition less deposit). Payment is due ONE WEEK after receiving invoice or your class reservations will be cancelled.  The deposit is forfeited if the classes are cancelled for any reason after the confirmation period.
  • NEW ULA Students already enrolled with OVA -or- Current ULA Students enrolling with OVA now will be required to pay a $25/class hour deposit when registering.  If classes are cancelled for any reason after the confirmation period, the deposit is forfeited.  If for any reason a student does not meet the requirements for OVA funding, the student will be moved to self-pay and will be responsible for complete tuition or forfeiture of deposit.  The deposit is refundable after the first week of classes when OVA funding has been confirmed.