We are excited to offer our Online Learning Platform, HAIKU!

Haiku is like a web-based classroom bulletin board.  It is now the primary method of communication used by our teachers.  All important information for each class can be found in this one centralized place including teacher bios, a 14 week syllabus, and any weekly assignments.  Often it will include additional class content in the form of videos, articles, discussion forums and more!  Each ULA student will participate by logging in once per week to view content that teachers have posted and to complete any tasks assigned.

Students should log in each week after they meet with their teachers as Haiku will be an integral part of each class.


Go to https://oxfordschools.learning.powerschool.com

OVA students will log in using your @oxfordwildcats.org email address credentials.

Your username is your OVA student number @oxfordwildcats.org

Example: 12345@oxfordwildcats.org

Your password has been sent to you via email.

Self-Pay Only students will log in at the BOTTOM of the page where it says to log in with your Powerschool Learning Account.

Your username is the first 5 digits of your last name followed by the first letter of your first name, then 01

For example, if your name is Jane Henderson your username would be hendej01

Your temporary password is ovaoxford. You will be prompted to change it the first time you log in.  Please write this down, it can be difficult to recover accounts with lost passwords!

When your child logs in, you will see each ULA class he/she is taking.

If you did not receive credentials and instructions to your regular email address or if you need assistance logging in or navigating Haiku, please email us at unitedlearningacademyoffice@gmail.com