Grade K-2 Courses

First Hour 10:00AM

KARATE (Waitlist Only)

Fee: $115

This class is designed to teach self-defense, improve self-confidence, teach non-violent problem solving, and be a physical workout that engages all of the major muscle groups. This form of martial arts is unique in the sense that it uses basic principles from biomechanics, sports medicine, and kinesiology. These sciences are applied to make sure that students are learning effective techniques that are not telegraphed, and regardless of how often or long and individual is practicing, it won’t cause joint damage (which is commonly associated with traditional styles of martial arts). Instructor: Black Belt Academy

LITERATURE PROJ- Reading Detectives

Fee: $135

Get your magnifying glass as we search engaging picture books! We will look for literary elements using story maps, completing author profiles, learning about synonyms, antonyms, homophones, similes, metaphors, personification. This class will provide students will a good foundation for how good readers read. Instructor: Cristal Moyer

Second Hour 11:00AM

Multimedia Art (Self-Pay Only)

Fee: $145

Class will focus on giving students an opportunity to experiment with various media including watercolor, oil and soft pastels, acrylic and ink. All projects are developed for this age group and gives each child the opportunity to add their own art flare, as they are leaning techniques used by professional artist. The class will include demos from the instructor and plenty of time for students to Create.  Instructor: Tina Hotchkiss

PHYSICAL WORLD- Magic School Bus K-2 (Waitlist Only)

Fee: $145

Explore a variety of natural world topics by reading Magic School Bus books or watching the DVDs. We will conduct hands-on activity and experiments based on the topic for the week. Instructor: Cristal Moyer


Fee: $145

Through a multidisciplinary approach, students will learn the basics of yoga as it relates to their personal fitness and wellness. Yoga is great for stretching and core strengths as well as individual mindfulness. The class will be taught by an experienced yoga instructor and content will vary based on student grade level.” Instructor: TBD

Third Hour 12:30PM

MUSIC- Songs of Life

Fee: $145

In this course we learn & sing songs about the refreshing and healing elements of life, exploring themes such as our heart, trees, water and each other. We go outside as much as possible to experience our environment and our relationship with it. Most of class time will be spent learning songs and singing. At the end of the course students perform the songs they’ve learned for the community. Homework includes things like listening to a song, mindfulness exercises, watching a video about the exchange of oxygen, practicing an act of kindness, practicing singing a song we’re learning, etc. Instructor: Bethanni Grecynski


Fee: $145

Lego’s and physics? What have the Brain Monkeys thought up this time? If you like Lego’s and want to know how to build creations that help you understand forces and motion, simple machines, measurement, energy, magnetism and more? Then this class is for you. We will be using Legos to explore, experiment and demonstrate some basic physics concepts. We will also use a specially designed Lego kit which allows students to work in pairs, each assembling part of a model. They then join their parts to complete the building project. Motors, gears and even using solar power or temperature sensors will be used in this class and we will not always be building from just the provided set of instructions! We will also get to explore a special new kit which includes lego’s that conduct electricity!! Join us and explore physics using Lego’s! LEGO = fun = learning! Instructor: Brain Monkeys


Fee: $145

Sir Isaac Newton and his 3 laws of motion play a huge role in the world of physics. This will primarily be a building class focused on understanding and exploring these concepts. No apples will be dropped on students’ heads.

Fourth Hour 1:30PM

IMPROV- Improv and Theater Skills

Fee: $135

Introduction to drama and theater. Participants will enjoy playing many different theater games to build confidence and creativity. We will also learn about the skills necessary to be a good performer.  Instructor: Alex Moore


Fee: $145

This course is designed for young engineers. If you like to tinker, build or figure out why something is it is, then you are a perfect fit for what we will be doing in this class. We will build bridges, cars, catapults, and much more each week. Using LEGOS and a few extra bits we will explore cantilevers, pulleys, and even gear boxes.

Beyond the STEM concepts and skills that we will learn, we will work on strengthening our skills in teamwork, communication, problem solving and community engagement.


Fee: $115

Ann Arbor’s premier gymnastics club will provide specialized equipment, including tumbling mats, balance beams, mini bar, wedges and octagon, vaulting, and much more! Students will gain focus, fitness, strength, flexibility, confidence, and self-esteem. Join us for the fun. Grades accepted: K-3 (4 year old students are welcome if Mom stays) Attire: shorts or warm-up pants and a t-shirt. A leotard is optional. Bare feet—no socks or tights. Instructor: Gym America

Fifth Hour 2:30PM

CRAFTS- Crafts For Kids

Fee: $145

Crafts for kids- In this class we will focus on working on fine motor skills using crafts to practice. We will explore a wide variety of projects to get our hands and brains cooperating while creating fun and innovative designs tailored just for your student. Instructor: Melodee Bourdeau

SPANISH CULTURES- Beginning Spanish 1 (Waitlist Only)

Fee: $145

Students in my class will engage in conversations. They will work in pairs to practice the conversation. Students often begin to speak without looking at the conversation, or they begin to improvise naturally using puppets. Gestures are used as much as possible to reinforce the language. Playing charades is a great way to do this. I will be asking students to memorize the conversation. The partner conversation is the starting point, but the goal is to have student change and manipulate the language as much as they can. It gets them to practice more and internalize the language. They do perform for the whole class. Students will be exposed to music, art, games and literature as a cultural experience. Come and join us, it is fun and adventurous! Instructor: Miriam Del Valle


During our Initial Registration Period we offer a wider variety of classes than what makes it to the final schedule.  Teachers may offer slightly different classes side-by-side in the same hour (such as Theater Scenes vs. Shakespeare Theater) then, based on our Initial Registration Requests, we run the most popular classes and cut the ones with low interest.  This  gives students and families a strong voice in the class selection process each semester and allows ULA to fill classes that students are most interested in.  We hope you will consider registering early next semester to take advantage of the opportunity to help shape our class schedule!

Here are some of the additional classes we had available during the Initial Registration Process:

WORLD ERAS- Famous Inventors K-2 (Not Available)

Fee: $135

Inspire kids to think outside the box and explore new ideas by sharing stories about inventors and how their innovative ideas changed the world. Instructor: Cristal Moyer

WORLD ERAS- Ethics Through Stories (Not Available)

Fee: $145

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Those that do not learn the past are doomed to repeat it?” That’s because the adage often holds true. In this class we will visit some of the most famous moments in time to better understand human nature and some of the mistakes that were made. We will then, given our new knowledge, adapt those stories into modern student created tales to help us understand and relate to these very real people whos decisions and actions still impact us today. Instructor: TBD

PHYSICAL WORLD- Fairy Tale STEAM (Not Available)

Fee: $145

After reading a fairy tale, students will build or create a structure using everyday household or classroom items. These activities will encourage critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills, as well as, problem solving and teamwork. Instructor: Cristal Moyer

WORLD ERAS- Ancient History (Not Available)

Fee: $135

Many of our laws, customs and societal practices are based on things that happened long ago. We will explore the roles of the ancient cultures in our current laws and customs.

MUSIC- Without Words The Musical (Not Available)

Fee: $145

Without Words the Musical In this course we communicate without words – using positions, gestures, motions, & sound-making to interact and share. Melodies, songs, rhythms, and sequences naturally start to take form that the class uses to create an original musical to practice & share with the community. We go outside whenever able and when an activity allows. This is a kinesthetic class that teaches improvisation, composition, teamwork, and performance skills. Homework will be things like charades with a family member, making up melodies, filling out a poll for musical roles, watching youtube videos about the art of communicating through music, etc. Instructor: Bethanni Grecynski

THEATER ART&TECH- Create-A-Play (Not Available)

Fee: $135

Create-a-play. We will use student input and ideas that come out of exercises and games to create a play that we will perform. Each class will consist of some theater games to loosen up, as well as working on the creation of our performance. Instructor: Alex Moore

ELEMENTARY PROJ- Letter Writing (Not Available)

Fee: $135

In this class, we will be exploring communication through letters. We will examine letters of old and new to understand what goes into effective communication. Students will explore personal and formal letter writing and learn to express themselves through the written world. Instructor: TBD