Grade 6+ Courses


Elements of Art and How to Use Them (Self-Pay Only)

Fee: $145

Art projects done in this class will focus on the 7 Elements of Arts. In turn, student will see their drawing skills and ability to analyze their work improve.  Instructor: Tina Hotchkiss


Fee: $145

In this class, students will be taken through the process of making. They will be introduced to the steps it takes to create something, from concept to finished project within given parameters. To do this, students will need a basic introduction to some of the fundamentals of design and computer design software. This class will focus on making and all that comes with it. We will be learning design, tool safety, tool usage and finishing. There will be tool demos, while breaking the week up with design time, skill development and creative/ work time. Each student will be working on projects they come up with and will be individually guided in their project so they can learn at their own pace. We will be sending all registrants a survey of their interests and project ideas so that we may get a sense of what supplies and projects students will be interested in doing. Please note that projects will be approved ahead of time and are dependent on available materials, time available and the tools and machines that we have access too.

Come join us for a creative, fun time with the coolest kids maker company on the planet (Brain Monkeys of course!). The future is yours to make. Instructor: Brain Monkeys


Fee: $145

Through a multidisciplinary approach, students will learn the basics of yoga as it relates to their personal fitness and wellness. Yoga is great for stretching and core strengths as well as individual mindfulness. The class will be taught by an experienced yoga instructor and content will vary based on student grade level.” Instructor: TBD

Second Hour 11:00AM

MUSIC- Forming Songs

Fee: $145

In this course students learn how music can be arranged into different forms. Class will include listening to songs, writing out the names of sections, memorizing patterns, and learning to compose music using a form as the foundation. Students will give a presentation of forms they learned and performance their compositions for an audience at the end of the course. If students want to bring in their instruments that they play at home, this is very welcome. We go outside whenever we are able and when an activity permits. Homework will include things like listening to a song and writing out its form, composing something in a format to bring in, watching a video about music composition, etc. Instructor: Bethanni Grecynski

NATURAL WORLD- Current Events Exploration

Fee: $135

Every time we open the newspaper, turn on the news, or check the internet, it seems like new discoveries and breakthoughs are being made in medicine, technology or astronomy. In this class, we will focus on some of the most interesting and newest discoveries being made. This class will be driven by student interest and current events. Be prepared to research and learn about a wide variety of topics as we convert our awe and wonder into understanding. Instructor: TBD

Third Hour 12:30PM

HEALTHY LIVING- Physical Fitness 4-12

Fee: $115

Ann Arbor’s premier gymnastics club will provide specialized equipment, including tumbling mats, balance beams, mini bar, wedges and octagon, vaulting, and much more! Older students will participate in strengthening their body through fun physical fitness activities and cooperative games. Throughout the semester physical fitness will be monitored and periodically evaluated. Students will be taught basic fitness drills they can use at home and tumbling skills such as: forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands. Come join in the fun while getting into shape! Instructor: Gym America

THEATER ART & TECH-Theater Scenes

Fee: $135

Scenes for fun. Each week, students will be paired up or grouped anew to perform a scene for the class. Most are comedic. Students will also learn some basics about theater performance: blocking, enunciation, diction, projection, performing for an audience, etc. Theater games also included at the beginning of each class. Instructor: Alex Moore

Fourth Hour 1:30PM


Fee: $145

Learn to Sew- machine sewing basics- Project Based Will focus on choice of clothes, bags or a quilt. Instructor: Melodee Bourdeau

SPANISH CULTURES- Advanced Spanish 1

Fee: $145

Students in my class will engage in conversations. They will work in pairs to practice the conversation. Students often begin to speak without looking at the conversation, or they begin to improvise naturally using puppets. Gestures are used as much as possible to reinforce the language. Playing charades is a great way to do this. I will be asking students to memorize the conversation. The partner conversation is the starting point, but the goal is to have student change and manipulate the language as much as they can. It gets them to practice more and internalize the language. They do perform for the whole class. Students will be exposed to music, art, games and literature as a cultural experience. Come and join us, it is fun and adventurous! Instructor: Miriam Del Valle

Fifth Hour 2:30AM

PHOTOGRAPHY- Photography

Fee: $145

Through a multidisciplinary approach, this introductory course is designed to not only teach photography/photojournalism but also to use photos in a publication we create. We will be studying and implementing the process in which a printed publication must go through from start to finish. Instructor: Vera Davis

DEBATE- Debate

Fee: $135

Debate. Learn some basic skills for debate and practice with new topics each week as teams debate each other. This is great for developing confidence, quick-thinking skills, creativity, and logical thinking.  Instructor: Alex Moore


During our Initial Registration Period we offer a wider variety of classes than what makes it to the final schedule.  Teachers may offer slightly different classes side-by-side in the same hour (such as Theater Scenes vs. Shakespeare Theater) then, based on our Initial Registration Requests, we run the most popular classes and cut the ones with low interest.  This  gives students and families a strong voice in the class selection process each semester and allows ULA to fill classes that students are most interested in.  We hope you will consider registering early next semester to take advantage of the opportunity to help shape our class schedule!

Here are some of the additional classes we had available during the Initial Registration Process:

Artist Trading Cards (Self-Pay Only) (Not Available)

Fee: $145

Students will create small pieces of art that they can trade with other artists or keep in their portfolios. This is a fun way to share art and explore different media.  Instructor: TIna Hotchkiss

TECH DESIGN- Junkbot Electronics (Not Available)

Fee: $145

You can learn a lot by disassembling an old VCR or other recycled electronics device. In this class students will be disassembling old electronics to learn how they work, the electronic components that are inside and how we can repurpose motors and other components to build something new. Students will learn proper tool use and safety, basic electronics terminology, how to read a schematic diagram, how to solder and how to build something new out of what was old. Instructor: Brain Monkeys

PRESENTING IN THE MODERN AGE- Technical Writing (Not Available)

Fee: $135

As our ability to communicate with people around the world grows, so does our need to effectively communicate through the written word. Writing with the six traits – In this class, students will use the Four Blocks writing model to learn to write paragraphs, working up to full stories. We will refine our writing by using the Six-Traits of writing (Ideas, Organization, Word choice, Voice, Conventions, Sentence Fluency). Instructor: TBD

LEADERSHIP- Group Leadership (Not Available)

Fee: $135

This class will combine group work with civic awareness. Students will learn how to work in a group atmosphere while being challenged each week with a new task that they must complete together.There will be small homework assignments on Haiku each week that will help students retain what we have learned in class. There will also be a semester end project where students will have to come up with a way to donate their time and talents out in the community. Topics discussed in class will be: What Is Leadership, What To Look For In A Leader, Communicating, Active Listening, Group Roles (The 4 different roles in a group), How To Motivate A Team, Your Impact On Community. In this class students will do hands on activities for each topic, view short video clips that support the topics and create a final project with materials that are supplied in class as well as some outside resources. Instructor: Seta Keon

TOASTMASTERS- Toastmasters (Not Available)

Fee: $135

In this class, students will learn tips, insights, and strategies which will help them become a confident and effective speaker. We will explore 10 different speech styles over the course of the semester. Each speech style will help the student learn a new skill for public speaking. This class is also a great way for kids to come out of their shells and create new comfort zones while speaking in groups of any size! Instructor: Seta Keon

MUSIC- Reading Music Notation (Not Available)

Fee: $145

In this course students develop the skill of reading Western Music Notation by learning songs by ear and learning how to write them out. Class will include activities like clapping to learn rhythms, learning about the basics of written notation, writing music down, reading music, singing, and playing instruments. Students will give a presentation about how to read Western Music Notation & perform the music they’ve learned for an audience at the end of the course. Homework will include things like practicing instruments, flashcards, watching a video about scales, etc. Instructor: Bethanni Grecynski

NATURAL WORLD PROJ- Human Body (Not Available) 

Fee: $145

What is the most complex machine ever invented? The Human Body! Everyone knows what the human body looks like on the outside, but what does it look like on the inside? In this course we will study the six major systems of the body: Cardiovascular, Digestive, Nervous, Muscular, Respiratory, and Skeletal system. Through hands on activities, labs and reading your student will have a better understanding of how our amazing bodies work! Instructor: Seta Keon

AMAZING USA PROJ- Cantering The Country 6+ (Not Available)

Fee: $135

We will take a road trip all over the beautiful U-S of A! We will be visiting every state in this course! Through crafts and activities we will learn new and interesting facts that connect each state that we visit. Topics we will cover include: Review Of The USA, Geography terms, Special events or holidays each state celebrates, Map work, Presidents and famous people who hail from each state

Students will receive weekly handouts that cover the theme that class period. There will be hands on activities and crafts for each continent/topic that we discuss. There will also be a map that tracks our “travels” throughout the world and we will watch video clips of the culture and topography of each area we “travel” to! There will be short weekly online assignments for students to complete that will support and expand on what we learn in class. Instructor: Seta Keon

SHAKESPEARE PROJ- Shakespeare Production (Not Available)

Fee: $135

Shakespeare production. Shakespeare is back! We will be reading and acting out a modernized and abridged Shakespeare play (to be determined based on number of students enrolled). Also during this class, we will learn about life in Shakespearean England through reading and drama, play theater games, and put on at the end of the semester, a funny, abridged, and modernized version of the play that is sure to have everyone laughing. Memorizing lines is encouraged, but not necessary. Instructor: Alex Moore

SEWING SKILLS- Learn To Cross Stitch (Not Available)

Fee: $145

Learn to Cross Stitch- Using Adia cloth When people hear cross stitch they often think of embroidery rings. This class will focus on the techniques of a unique fabric art that has been popular for hundreds of years. Projects will be student driven and we will discuss the historical significance of this particular fabric art. Instructor: Melodee Bordeau

AMERICAN ERAS- History of Rock & Roll (Not Available)

Fee: $135

Are you a musician or music lover who wants to learn more about how music got to where it is today?. Explore the evolution of musical genres and the social contexts in which they were born. We will select one musical genre and explore its roots and growing pains and see how its elements filter across all types of other music and cultures. This term will will be focusing on Rock-and-Roll. In this class there will be weekly homework required that will involved research and answering a few thought provoking questions to prepare for each week. Instructor: Spencer Michaud

WORLD ERAS- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Not Available)

Fee: $135

Change can often be a struggle, especially when it comes to large groups of people, nations or even the world. In this class we will explore movements of change throughout the past. We will be searching for what brought them about, how they were executed, and their effects, many of which affect our lives today. This class will begin with the Magna Carta and end with current social and political revolutions. In between, we will explore Martin Luther, the American and French Revolutions, the rise of Communism in the East, and the Civil Rights movement in our own country. Instructor: TBD